History Abounds In Sparks Glencoe MD

Baltimore County MD is known for its major attraction and largest city, Baltimore. However, communities like Sparks Glencoe MD are gaining attention for their proximity to larger cities and ability to maintain their small neighborhood charm.

Sparks Glencoe Maryland is located in the heart of Baltimore County and is part of the Baltimore-Washington DC metropolitan area. There is much to do in both cities, particularly when planning a vacation to visit the nation’s capital. After all, taking in the museums, eateries, shopping and political memorials of DC is a trip all in itself. However, visitors looking to stay somewhere away from the daily hustle of Washington DC need not look any further than Sparks Glencoe Maryland.

Fed by several major interstates, including 1-95, Sparks Glencoe MD has all of the access and advantages of being part of a metropolitan area. Mass transit is easy to come by, and fun and exciting day trips to Baltimore or Washington DC are just minutes away. However, the charm of Sparks Glencoe Maryland can be found right there in the heart of the community. Sparks Glencoe MD is known for the unique historical aspects that are unique to this area of Maryland.

For example, historical sites such as the Hampton National Historical Site, in the Hampton area, just a few miles away, showcases a vital piece of American history. Features of this site include a Georgian manor house dating back to the 18th century. The Hampton House, located on the site, was the largest home owned by a private individual in America when it was built in 1790 and is still considered a prime example of stunning architecture today.

Another must-see in the Sparks Glencoe MD region is Soldiers Delight, a nature reserve in the western part of the county. This site is a Maryland wildland area, as well as an official Natural Environment Area featuring wildlife living in a safe, natural habitat. There are a number of nature trails around the Sparks Glencoe Maryland area as well as some smaller shops and eateries around the main drag of town.

If you are looking to check out the Baltimore or Washington DC area, the above examples highlight the benefit of making some time to visit the outlying communities that surround these larger cities. There are a number of gems that simply can’t be found in larger places and add to the appeal of places like Sparks Glencoe MD.

We hope you’ll visit the area soon. We look forward to welcoming you to all the charm and ambience Sparks Glencoe Maryland offers you.